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What to Consider Before Customising Your Workplace

With any space, commercial or residential, customisation is important because it gives identity and character to an otherwise dull space. The way you design and decorate a certain space shows what you, as a business, are all about, what your brand is and what it represents. Here, we are going to look at how you can use office partitions to customise your workplace for optimum performance.

Studies have shown that office design and layout can have a great impact on staff morale and productivity. The same study proved that people work harder, longer and more efficiently in less conventional offices such as the ones made from movable office partitions than the more traditional cubicles. There are however, several factors you should consider while customising your space to maximise staff performance. These factors include:

Company image: 

When considering office design or refurbishment, it is important to have your business image in mind. If you are running a tech company, you would not want a potential client walking in and getting a legal vibe. Would you? This is where an office designer such as Buzz Fitouts can help you design the right look for your office while ensuring necessary functionality and requirements are maintained.

Noise levels: 

One of the biggest distractions in the workplace is noise and it affects people in open plan offices and cubicles as well. The best thing about office partitioning is that it gives you the flexibility that allows you to neutralise the office space directing the noisy ‘situations’ to one side while keeping the quiet spaces ideal for the work.

Distraction free zones:

Apart from managing noise in the office, you also need to get some private space within the company where people can go and talk things out if the need arises. One of the reasons open plan offices are so unpopular is that there is no escape, If and when office politics arise in such a place, then all employees become party to it. Having a small board room-like space away from the rest of the office gives your employees a space to talk things out without necessarily disrupting the rest of the workplace, if you are considering office partitions or complete refurbishment then I recommend you visit this site.

Break areas:

Apart from figuring out how you are going to position your office partitions and fit outs to give you a private space, it is also important to have a designated break area. A full time masseuse and spa would be great, but let’s face it, we don’t all work for Bobby Axelrod from the TV show Billions. However, this does not mean that you give up on getting some space for your employees to relax in. While doing your refurbishment or designing your office, work around your budget to have a small space that is also big enough for the staff to mingle when they are not at their workstations. Break rooms are a good example of such a place. They are not really dining rooms or board rooms. They are somewhere in between. A grey area if you fancy the term and they seem to work just fine.

This is probably one of those things that most people overlook but remain to be one of the most important factors in a commercial office, the colour you choose for your walls and furniture plays a big role in the décor as does the pieces of art you choose, for professional advice on your commercial fit out then you should visit this company who are based in Melbourne.

In conclusion, budget is a big deal when customising your office but when you make the right choices and shop smart, a little would go a really long way.