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Top Tips on How to Make Event Planning Less Stressful

Being an event planner can be highly rewarding and exciting. You get to help people by taking on all the hectic work that goes into pulling off a successful event. To succeed in this line of work, you have to be able to make decisions on the go, multitask, stay organised, and negotiate your way into better deals for you and your clients. It can also be quite stressful when things don’t fall into place as quickly as you would have hoped. The aim of this article is to give you a handful of useful tips to help make event planning less stressful. If you can manage your time, resources, and energy better, both you and your clients will be happy with the results, and you will be less likely to experience burn out.

5 Key Areas to Work On

Here are five good areas you can improve the process of planning your next event:

  • Event selection- Carefully assess every potential gig before taking it on. Make sure you have the time and needed skills to pull it off. Getting clarity about all the details in the beginning can prevent you from overbooking yourself and disappointing clients.
  • Delegation- If you work with a team, make sure you understand the strengths of each team member so that you can assign work accordingly. Be willing to train others in your core areas. Learning to delegate effectively can help maximize your team’s potential.
  • Prioritization- When planning an event, be it a wedding or a graduation party, your to-do lists will likely be very long. Learning to prioritize this list can help you tackle the most crucial aspects first and get them out of the way. One of these is hiring the venue, and once that is settled, many needs start to fall in place.
  • Communication- Having clear lines of communication is vital throughout the planning process. This includes talking to your client often.
  • Planning software- Using different tools for planning and event management can help you stay organized. This will be covered in more depth below.

Venue Hire Considerations

When it comes to venue hire, event planners can also do a few things to make the process smoother:

  • Get to know the management at different function venues that you work with often, if you are from Brisbane then you can always find info about local popular places functions are usually held which might meat your requirements.
  • Prepare a good portfolio of your work. If you specialize in weddings, for example, having a good selection of venue ideas can help your clients select easier.
  • Get acquainted with the booking process. Experience is the best teacher, but it helps to be clear about event booking procedures and timelines.

Use Venue Booking Software to Organize and Optimize

If you work for a particular venue, such as a hotel, sports club or host a function room in Brisbane, you need to find a seamless way to make sure you get maximum usage and profit from every function you host. Venue booking software can help you keep track of your bookings and clients. There are different options on the market that you can use to optimise your venue bookings.

Consider an Entire Suite of Events Software

In addition to venue booking software, consider getting an entire suite of event management software. You can tailor this to your needs. It can help you stay organised, collaborate better, manage your calendar, and help with the billing process.