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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Pergola Builder

So you’ve finally picked the perfect spot for your pergola: not too much shade but not too much sun. You already know what your pergola should look like. Here comes a seemingly tricky part, picking a pergola builder. Don’t worry for we’ve got some guided questions for you to make the right choice.

But first, let us differentiate the difference between pergola builders and deck builders.

The answer relies on the outdoor structure and not on the person. Of course, both of them should be registered and licensed.  Pergola builders usually build an open framework gazebo while deck builders are people who have an extensive knowledge of wood, composite wood materials or vinyl because a decking is typically made up of these materials.

Guide Questions When Hiring a Pergola Builder

1. Are they experienced? 

Pergola builders should be experienced. Ask for a list of their recent projects that will testify and prove their expertise. Contact some of their recent customers and clients. Shed light on each of them and carefully choose whether they are the ones what you want.

2. Are they licensed?

Your pergola builder may be experienced yet they don’t have a licensed to operate or work. Check this important issue. The law states that all builders, be it deck builders or pergola builders should display their license number on any of the business advertisements. You may check your state government department if they have online tools to check if a license is correct and valid.

3. Do the pergola builders get your project?

After briefing your potential pergola builder about your desired structure, ask them to reiterate what you want in a detailed manner. Make sure that they understand well the style and size of your pergola. Also, make sure you are well coordinated with the materials that will be used, if you need a specialised timber pergola builder then you should click here. Additionally, you may also ask them to suggest better alternatives that will only suit your budget and space but will also meet your expectations.

4. How much and what do they charge?

Pergola builders often charge depends on many factors just like any other professionals. The place where you live, the type and size of your pergola and the access to your site could all affect your project’s final costs. Make sure you eliminate all the guesswork by briefing your pergola builder and make sure they’ve all noted down all the inclusions as well as the exclusions in the contract, if you are still searching and designing your pergola then you should check out pergola builders Melbourne.

If however, you decided to build your pergola on your own, here are some of the reminders you need to consider:

Time- it depends whether you will buy a kit or build your own. A typical pergola can be built in just a few days or less than a week.

Cost – If you are planning to materials and features of a pergola, a typical kit can cost from $500 to $4,000. If however, you are an experienced DIYer and you want to build your pergola yourself, you can build it starting from scratch for about $300.00

Once you have all these guide questions, you are now ready to hire your pergola builder and look forward to a stress-free environment in your new pergola area.